Health is a relationship between you and your body. Everything you do in your daily life either develops this relationship by adding to your vitality and energy or takes away from it. What does it take to be on friendly terms with your body?

You start with simple things. Water, air and smart hygiene are the essential elements in your toolkit.

Water is vital for human life and is involved in every function of human body. According to studies, a healthy adult living in a temperate climate should drink at least 1.5 liters of plain water every day (Jequier, 2010). If you make sure you are sufficiently hydrated on a daily basis, soon you will experience the benefits of improved concentration, higher energy levels and even stronger immunity.

Outdoor activities in the fresh air are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, even if this is just a simple walk. Walking is a form of exercise that is available to most people. It can help you reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Recent scientific findings show that you do not have to aim for the magical number of 10 000 steps — 7500 steps is the lowest number of steps with the highest level of health benefits (Lee, 2019).

The daily habit of brushing teeth can be boosted in efficiency and taken to the level of «smart hygiene», offering extra benefits for the health of the whole body. Most viral infections (such as common cold) enter our body with the air we breathe or food/drinks we take and spread at the point of infection, the nasopharynx. If we create protective environment in our mouth and upper part of the throat, we can make sure that harmful bacteria and viruses are neutralized at the point of entry and cannot cause any sickness. With this in mind, we created a toothpaste with a thermostable composition (TSC), which according to the recent research boosts your local immunity and effectively protects you from bacteria and viruses for approximately 12 hours. With INFANETIM Technology Black line, you can protect your family and yourself from seasonal flus simply by brushing your teeth.

Prevention is better than cure. And simple healthy routines are better than expensive medicines and tedious workouts. We create our products to help you stay healthy and live your life to the fullest.