We are what we eat, and this is true in more than one way. Sugary snacks endanger the health of our body and the brilliance of our smile. When we eat a candy, invisible bacteria in our mouth consume the sugar and turn it into acids. These acids aggressively attack our teeth for as long as 20 minutes after we eat. If this happens on a regular basis, parts of the enamel may dissolve, and we may develop cavities.

If sugar is to be avoided, what are the best options for those who love to take a tasty bite every now and then?

  • Apples and pears are fiber-rich fruits, which help to clean teeth and increase the flow of saliva. Saliva neutralizes dangerous acids and fortifies enamel, since it contains traces of calcium.
  • Carrots and other crunchy vegetables can be used as a sort of toothbrush, because they require a lot of chewing and help to remove parts of food and harmful bacteria.
  • Plain yogurt and cheese also induce the saliva flow and remove acids. At the same time, they are rich in calcium and phosphates that remineralize teeth.
  • Nuts (especially peanuts, cashews and almonds) are rich in vitamins and minerals that help to fight bacteria and restore enamel.

Still, if a sugary snack is an absolute must in your life, here are some ways to reduce the risk of cavities:

  • Take a snack as a part of your meal. While eating a meal, you produce more saliva and acids are washed away faster.
  • Opt for chocolate. It dissolves in your mouth much faster than candies, which reduces the exposure of teeth to acids.
  • Drink water or chew a sugar-free gum after taking a snack.
  • Stick to your health routine and brush teeth twice a day.
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