The health of our body depends on the decisions we make every day. Should I go for a run? What to eat for dinner? What vitamins to support the body in autumn? Eating right, exercising regularly, and preventing colds and flu will help you stay healthy and alert at any time of the year. All it takes is to develop good habits. In this article, we will share tips to help you with this.


We are all different, and it takes us a different amount of time to make decisions and develop the right habits. Someone needs 21 days to start leading a healthy lifestyle, while for someone it is not enough even three months. But understanding the general principle of the formation of habits, absolutely everyone can change their lifestyle and lay the foundation for good health.


So how does one go about getting into a new habit?


Day 0. Make a decision

At this stage, we decide on a goal and a deadline: what are we doing and why? For example, we want to get up at 6 am and exercise to feel energized all day.


Days 1-3. Adapt

At the very beginning of the work on forming a new habit, it is extremely important to carefully monitor your emotional state and praise yourself for your early successes. Do not forget to say to yourself: "I am well done that I woke up with the first rays of the sun."


Days 4-7. Make an effort

Then you need to strengthen your intention and overcome internal resistance, which is especially strong during this period. To do this, you can enlist the support of family and friends (invite someone to work out with you) or strengthen your resolve with affirmations.


Days 7-21. Secure Success

At this stage, the pattern of behaviors has already been formed, and it must be strengthened through regular repetitions, gradually forming new neural connections in the brain. You can create a special habit tracker, and record your progress in it every day.


If 21 days were enough for you, you completed the task in no time. If not, don't give up, be patient and keep working. You are on the right track!


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