INFANETIM Technology® toothpastes are a breakthrough in the field of "smart hygiene" of the oral cavity. Thanks to many years of research, we have managed to develop a new generation of toothpastes that will not only give you a radiant smile, but also help take care of the health of your whole body.


Let's try to figure out which INFANETIM Technology® toothpaste is right for you!


    1) Do you often catch cold? Do you want to support your immune system in the fall, when the incidence of fluand SARS is increasing?

Black Line ToothpasteINFANETIM Technology® Black Line is a dual-action toothpaste that protects against bacteria and viruses for 12 hours after brushing your teeth. The unique formula of INFANETIM Technology® Black Line stimulates local immunity in the oral cavity and nasopharynx, and creates an invisible barrier against dangerous bacteria and viruses.


     2) Are you lacking in physical activity and struggling with weight gain?

Brown Line ToothpasteINFANETIM Technology® Brown Line helps you improve your metabolism and reduce risk of diabetes. The toothpaste contains a unique combination of natural extracts that help normalize blood sugar levels and eliminate toxins from the body, it is also recommended for those suffering from diabetes.


    3) Are you suffering from immunodeficiency? Are you worried that you have predisposition factors for cancer or are already suffering from it?

Silver Line Toothpaste

INFANETIM Technology® Silver Line was created specifically to stimulate the body's immune system (including anti-tumor immunity) and reduce the risk of cancer. INFANETIM Technology® Silver Line is recommended for those who are at risk of cancer or are already struggling with the disease.


   4) Do you suffer from seasonal allergies and are afraid of the onset of spring, because a runny nose and conjunctivitis will begin?

Green Line Toothpaste

Managing the symptoms of allergic rhinitis is made much easier with the INFANETIM Technology® Green Line. Biologically active substances in the composition of this toothpaste are absorbed by the mucous membranes of the mouth and stimulate a healthy immune defense response to allergens.


    5) Want to protect yourself from bacterial infections?

Blue Line Toothpaste

Disease-causing bacteria are especially dangerous for those who have recently suffered serious illnesses, suffer from weakened immunity, or are in frequent contact with patients. INFANETIM Technology® Blue Line toothpaste will help protect against bacterial infections, specifically - staph. It has a high antibacterial effect and kills most dangerous pathogens, including staphylococcus aureus.


We create products that help you stay healthy just by brushing your teeth.

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INFANETIM Technology® is the smart choice for those who love simple and effective solution.