According to statistics, about 80% of visits to the dentist are associated with gum disease. Inflammatory processes in the soft tissues of the oral cavity are both superficial and deep, and the latter are extremely dangerous, since without proper treatment they can lead to the loss of healthy teeth. Therefore, it is extremely important to recognize the symptoms of gum disease in time and take the necessary measures, up to the immediate receipt of dental care.

You can carry out a quick diagnosis of the condition of your oral cavity right now. If you have any of the following symptoms, your gums are likely to need extra care:

- redness and swelling of the gums,

- increased sensitivity of soft tissues,

- bleeding,

- loose gum surface,

- bad breath,

- purulent discharge,

- high body temperature,

- ulceration on the surface of soft tissues (with ulcerative gingivitis),

- exposure of the necks of the teeth and increased sensitivity to cold and hot food (with atrophic gingivitis).

 If you have at least one of these symptoms, you should contact your dentist so that he can choose the best treatment for you, for example:

- Prescribe a suitable mouth rinse;

- Prescribe special gels or ointments;

- If necessary, recommend systemic drugs: antibacterial, antifungal or antihistamines.

 The causes of gum disease can vary, but the most common is improper or irregular oral hygiene. The inflammatory process, as a rule, occurs against the background of the accumulation of plaque and the reproduction of pathogenic flora, therefore, excellent preventive measures are:

- mouthwash,

- dental floss,

- correctly selected brush,

- regular brushing of teeth with quality toothpaste.

The use of these hygiene products prevents microorganisms from creating a favorable environment in the oral cavity, for example, due to food particles stuck between the teeth, and helps to maintain healthy teeth and gums for many years.

In this case, toothpastes of the INFANETIM Technology® line will be an excellent help for you. In addition to the pronounced hygienic effect, INFANETIM Technology® toothpastes have an additional healing effect on the body. INFANETIM Technology® Black Line stimulates local immunity and protects against bacteria and viruses for 12 hours after brushing your teeth. INFANETIM Technology® Brown Line helps to normalize metabolism and reduce the risk of diabetes, and also contributes to weight loss.