To provide the best possible oral care and health benefits to our consumers, we conduct regular clinical trials to collect scientific evidence of the efficacy of our products. Our recent 8-week study investigated the oral care and antiviral benefits of the INFANETIM Technology Black Line toothpaste.

The study involved 600 volunteers, who were randomly assigned to use the INFANETIM Technology Black Line toothpaste or other brands of hygienic toothpastes on a daily basis. For about 2 months, researchers were collecting regular updates on the health status of the volunteers to track cases of influenza-like illness.

In the group of volunteers, who were using INFANETIM Technology Black Line, the incidence of laboratory-confirmed influenza was 31% lower than in the control group. In the INFANETIM Technology Black Line group, there was only one case of complications associated with influenza, whereas the group of volunteers using other toothpaste brands registered 35 cases of complications.

The study has shown that a daily use of INFANETIM Technology Black Line not only ensures dental health and reduces the risk of developing inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, but also provides an additional barrier to the penetration of bacterial and viral infections.

Flu is a very common viral disease with unpleasant symptoms and potentially dangerous complications. Fortunately, there are scientifically validated methods of prevention you can use to protect your family and yourself. INFANETIM Technology Black Line will boost your antiviral defenses and help you stay safe even during flu outbreaks.