Brushing teeth can be a boring mundane activity, but there are certain ways to make it more exciting. What about looking at yourself in the mirror, with brush in one hand, and feeling particularly happy about the way you take care of yourself? This degree of satisfaction is easy to achieve with a premium toothpaste that works and tastes better.

Premium toothpastes use unique ingredients and sophisticated formulas, which may require several years of scientific research. This makes them pricier, but additional functional benefits and a greater feeling of comfort are usually worth it. Most premium toothpastes do not simply clean your teeth and prevent cavities, but take care of you in a number of different ways:

  • Provide a distinctive long-lasting sensation of freshness,
  • Remove surface stains and ensure a visible whitening effect,
  • Strengthen enamel with only small amount of fluoride or none at all,
  • Solve the problems of gum disease and mouth sores,
  • Reduce hypersensitivity.

Some of premium toothpastes go even further and provide surprising and extremely useful health benefits that you would not normally expect from a toothpaste.

For instance, what if a toothpaste could replace cough syrups and anti-fever drugs? The fluoride-free formula of the INFANETIM Technology Black Line toothpaste combines effective dental care with antiviral protection. By regularly brushing your teeth with INFANETIM Technology Black Line, you strengthen your local immunity and reduce the risk of catching a cold or a flu.

Or, perhaps, you are paying close attention to your sugar levels? INFANETIM Technology Brown Line has you covered. The unique composition of INFANETIM Technology Brown Line includes extracts of bean leaves, galega herb and chicory roots, which will help you control appetite, eliminate toxins from the body and reduce the risk of diabetes.