More than 10 billion bacteria live in the human oral cavity. Some are beneficial, while others harm the body: they destroy enamel, cause gum inflammation and other types of infections.

INFANETIM Technology® Blue Line is a revolutionary toothpaste, that uses the latest developments in the field of antibacterial agents for oral hygiene. The product provides effective protection against pathogenic bacteria, including one of the most dangerous - Staphylococcus aureus.

Recent studies found that almost 25% of people carry Staphylococcus (or «staph») in their mouth, nose, or on their skin. In most cases, staph bacteria does not cause sickness, but infection can be triggered by specific circumstances such as open wound, hospital stay, weakened immune system or disease such as diabetes or cancer.

Symptoms of staph infection vary depending on its localization: on the skin, in the mouth or in the body. Some of the most severe complications happen, when bacteria enter the bloodstream. This may cause sepsis, toxic shock syndrome, endocarditis and a variety of other life-threatening conditions.

Usually, staphylococcal infections are treated with antibiotics, but recently a type of bacteria that is resistant to common antibiotics has emerged - methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

To prevent staph infections, you should maintain standards of oral hygiene and brush teeth twice a day, regularly wash your hands, and in case you have open cuts, keep them clean and dry.

INFANETIM Technology® Blue Line toothpaste is an additional line of defense that will protect you from bacterial infections. It contains a thermostable composition (TSC®) that has a strong antibacterial effect and kills Staphylococcus aureus, including its antibiotic resistant variety. TSC® creates a powerful barrier in the oral cavity that will protect you from pathogenic bacteria every day. With this product, you can forget about invisible threats to your health and enjoy the happy moments of life!