Сancer cells arise in our body every day – some of them due to genetic predisposition and some due to environmental factors. Our immune system is constantly fighting to destroy cancer cells, and if it is successful, we continue living healthy lives without thinking about the dangers of oncology.

According to the immunoediting theory (Schreiber et al., 2011), the ability of cancer to spread in our body depends on the strength of our immune response:

1) As normal cells mutate into cancer cells, they begin to spread and produce abnormal antigens. These antigens activate the immune system, and it starts fighting mutant cells.

2) The tumor and the immunity are engaged in a battle with two possible outcomes: either cancer cells are destroyed or some of them survive and the tumor progresses slowly.

3) If the tumor grows, cancer cells continue mutating and may even stop producing abnormal antigens. When the tumor is large enough, it changes the functional activity of organs and body systems. And in this case, it is very hard for the immune system to stop the development of cancer.


How can we make sure that our immunity wins this battle every minute of the day? 

First of all, we should reduce our exposure to environmental factors that stimulate the emergence of cancer cells:

- Lifestyle choices: consumption of tobacco and alcohol are associated with higher risk of cancer.

- Radiation: in many cases cancer is triggered by natural sources of radiation (UV rays) and excessive exposure to radiation due to frequent air travel.

- Cancerogenic chemicals: prolonged contact with asbestos, formaldehyde, radon and other toxic substances is proven to cause cell mutation.

- Viruses: Human papillomavirus, Hepatitis B and C, and Epstein-Barr virus impair the immune system and can lead to oncology. Vaccination can help you reduce the likelihood of contracting Human papillomavirus and Hepatitis B.


Secondly, we should boost our immune system to help it fight infections and reduce the risk of oncology. There are many healthy routines that can strengthen the immunity, and one of them is as simple as brushing your teeth with a new bioactive toothpaste INFANETIM Technology Silver Line. INFANETIM Technology Silver Line effectively stimulates the body's immune system (including anti-tumor immunity) and helps mitigate the risk of tumor development. INFANETIM Technology Silver Line was designed to help people with high risk of cancer and patients undergoing cancer treatment.

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