Have you seen a warning at the back of a fluoride toothpaste about the danger of accidentally swallowing more than used for brushing? One of the reasons for this warning is that ingestion of large quantities of fluoride might be toxic and harmful. Then why do producers still use fluoride in dental care products?

Researches continue debating the subject, but many believe that benefits of using fluoride outweigh potential risks. Fluoride is widely believed to reduce the incidence of tooth decay. It is credited with removing plaque, protecting teeth from harmful bacteria and hardening the enamel.

At the same time, side effects of ingesting high levels of fluoride vary from mild to severe and may include:

  • Dental fluorosis that causes discoloration of teeth, white spots and sometimes even cracks on the enamel,
  • Skeletal fluorosis which may lead to the reduction of bone elasticity, increase the risk of fractures and joint stiffness,
  • Thyroid disfunction which is associated with insufficient production of thyroid hormone and the slowdown of metabolism.

Health authorities regulate the admissible concentration of fluoride in oral care products to ensure that it corresponds to the safety level. But we should keep in mind that we regularly get additional fluoride from other sources, such as drinking water. Many municipalities in the US have programs of water fluoridation. Moreover, many people systematically apply a larger quantity of toothpaste than recommended (the dosage should be the size of a pea), and some of it always gets swallowed as we brush teeth. Ultimately, managing the quantity of fluoride we ingest is our own responsibility, and we should be mindful of it.

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